Saturday, November 13, 2010

Check out the Maeve!

I just designed this new hat. After Maeve got the hat from her mom, she wouldn't take it off! She thoroughly represents what this hat is all about; 70's style carefree fun and laughter. I had no choice but to name this hat after her!

With chunky green yarn, this hat is super warm for the winter time! It can be redone in any colors!
Photo by Ashley Mckenney.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How to place an order with Nannah Bread Knots

I'm still working on getting my products on Etsy, so in the mean time this is how you place an order for one of my items:

Step 1: Message me on Facebook (search Nannah Bread Knots) or send me an email at

1a: This email should include what you'd like. If you want one of my current pieces and you know the "name" of it (for the names visit just tell me and let me know either the size or the age of the child you'd like it for. I'm pretty laid back and easy to work with so if you're not sure I can help you with this step. If it's not right, we'll try again ;)

If you'd like a custom piece you can let me know. I can make pretty much anything after looking at it once or twice. I will not make anything that has a copyright on it, and I prefer not to "steal" other's ideas. I always like to make things with my own personality in them ;). If you'd like to describe something to me in person or in words from this point I will give you my phone number and we can chat from there. I will recreate any of my pieces in any other colors or any other sizes - just ask. Or if you just have an idea in your head- I sure can try :)

1b: I will respond with 1) a price, and 2) a time frame. I only have so many pieces on hand and the majority of the time I make your pieces special for you! (As for the prices, they are set for many of the items- It's just a matter of me getting them all posted.)

Step 2: Unfortunately I have to start accepting payment before I begin my projects. Unless I have already started your piece and have previously spoken to you, from here on out, I have to do it this way. I don't want to end up on the bad end of every deal :(

2a: You can send me a check made payable to "Savannah Rand" and once received I will begin your project and will either ship it (FOR FREE!!! :)) to you or set a time to meet up with you to make sure you love your Nannah Bread Product.

2b: Or you can meet up with me and give me your payment in cash.

Thank you for your interest in Nannah Bread Knots!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wildflower

The wildflower is crocheted with big gaps in the yarn and finished with large flowers to accent it just right. This hat would compliment any little girl and give her just the right amount of flair!
Photo by Angie Vandam

You Have My Heart

You Have My Heart is a wonderful hat for little girls. It's unique and fun and full of life and playful colors.

The Angie Cowl

This is the Angie Cowl, done in a charcoal gray. Photo by Angie Vandam

The Sammy Cap

Photo by Angie Vandam